C++ Build/Release Software Engineer (Greece/EU)



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2023

We are looking for a strong build engineer to join our software engineering team. You will lead the delivery of our software to TileDB Cloud and several package managers. You will be primarily responsible for the DevOps of TileDB’s core C++ library: continuous integration, build, and packaging systems. Along with vertical and language API maintainers, you will be responsible for shipping language integration packages through several binary distribution platforms, especially conda-forge (second-level escalation for build issues). As processes are improved, streamlined, and stabilized, there will be many opportunities for involvement in storage engine, API, or application development.


We created TileDB Cloud, a unified platform for all data and analysis, with turnkey notebooks and easy scalable computation. We develop an ecosystem of open source packages around the TileDB Storage Engine, including APIs for Python, R, C++, C#, Java, Go, and more, and application integrations for single-cell, genomic, geospatial, bioimaging, and many other types of data.


Our headquarters are in Cambridge, MA, USA and we have a subsidiary in Athens, Greece. We are fully-remote with working hours falling between GMT-7 and GMT+3 timezones. US candidates must be authorized to work in the US, whereas Greek candidates must be Greek or EU citizens.


In your first 30 days, you will familiarize yourself with the TileDB storage engine C++ codebase and Python API (TileDB-Py). You will work through application vertical tutorials (eg single-cell, genomics, geospatial, bioimaging) on TileDB Cloud in order to gain a deep understanding of how our software is used. We will identify an initial onboarding project with the goal of commits merged within the first week. After 30 days, you will be fully integrated in our team. You’ll be an active contributor to TileDB’s core library and API packaging processes, with responsibilities expanding over time.


The following requirements are what we consider ‘core’ for this position. You should hit most of these out of the park, and ideally all of them. We are open to discuss if just one or two are lacking.

  • Packaging large-scale software builds including different C and C++ dependencies
  • Compiling production-quality software on Linux, Windows, and macOS via CMake
  • Python packaging via Conda and/or PyPI wheels

Additional Qualifications

Strong candidates will ideally also have tangible experience in some of the following areas:

  • Continuous integration platforms such as Github Actions, Azure Pipelines, CircleCI
  • Database, cloud object store, HPC, or machine-learning software development
  • Language-specific package managers (e.g. CRAN, Nuget, Pkg.jl, cargo, conan, etc.)
  • Large-scale multi-language build systems such as Bazel, Buck, or Pants
  • Programming in any of TileDB’s other API languages (e.g. R, Java, C#, Go, MariaDB)
  • Software performance testing and benchmarking
  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • 100% medical and dental insurance coverage (for you and your dependents!)
  • Paid parental leave
  • Paid time off (vacation, sick & public holidays)
  • Flexible time off & flexible hours
  • Flexibility to work remotely (legal residence in US or Greece)

TileDB, Inc. is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer building a diverse and inclusive team.