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CIQ: Empowering People To Do What They Do Great! At CIQ, we are here to help our customers and communities do amazing things! We are your escalation or development team. We are your infrastructure. We are your cloud. We are the people that will have your back, so you can do what you do great.
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Elisity Cognitive Trust is a platform that enables enterprises to deliver least-privilege access from the cloud to any asset, enforcing policy and nano-segmentation at the edge. Cognitive trust is a new approach to network access that enables secure connectivity at the asset level, based on contextual knowledge—over time. The platform continuously applies on-demand connections by verifying a combination of identity, location, permissions, and behavior.
Our team brings together unique skill sets to tackle some of the world’s most devastating and burdensome diseases in both human healthcare and agriculture. Our development pipeline includes various diagnostic technologies and supporting devices. Our ability to quickly adapt and utilize novel technologies allows us to develop solutions for widely unmet diagnostic needs that offer a true competitive advantage.
Graphiant is a Silicon Valley-based stealth mode startup driving the next evolution of computer networking.
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Inimmune is focused on the discovery and development of novel immunotherapeutics for an array of disease areas.
Novoron Bioscience is a biotechnology company that develops pharmaceutical therapies to regenerate nerves of the central nervous system (CNS). We have received multiple Phase 1 grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in order to pursue our passion: To develop our ground-breaking discovery into therapies that promote recovery for patients suffering from conditions resulting from a damaged CNS.
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pulseData uses patented AI to better diagnose, risk stratify and predict adverse events for patients with chronic kidney disease or disorders involving both the heart and the kidneys. Our software drives preventive action, saves medical costs and helps eliminate suffering and we’re on a mission to help eliminate preventable sickness.
Selector AI is a platform for operational intelligence of multi-cloud infrastructure and performance-sensitive managed services. By adopting an AI/ML-based data analytics approach, Selector AI provides actionable multi-dimensional insights to network, cloud and application operators. Our customers can meet their service KPIs through seamless collaboration on messaging platforms, search-driven querying with a conversational user experience, and automated data engineering pipelines.
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TileDB is a provider of a universal data engine that allows people to access, analyze, and share any complex data with any tool.
Truwl is software company that accelerates genomics discovery by enabling computational capabilities to be shared and reused. The company has built and supports community-focused platform to share, discover, and reuse computational methods and experiments for genomics. Inspired by the principles of sharing, accessibility, and attribution, Truwl aims to be the go-to site for life sciences researchers to find and use the bioinformatics methods that they need to gain insights from their data and share their analyses so they can be found, reused, and vetted.
VERAFĪ is a private intelligence and due diligence firm specializing in collecting, analyzing, and presenting intelligence so you can make confident decisions about key hires and investments. operates as a biometric identity provider for web applications.